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Jakk identifies her role as Sound Alchemist. She is a conservatory trained classical musician, and studied French horn with players in the San Francisco Symphony and Philadelphia Orchestra.

Now her work with sound (gongs, crystal bowls, and beyond) is the work of vibration. She received Sound Healing Certification from Sage Academy of Sound in Woodstock, New York, and training from Dr. John Beaulieu on Tuning Forks, and Don Conreaux on Gongs. In her work with sound she provides individuals and groups a protected space where they can engage in deeply meditative/relaxed states to assist in their healing. Having worked over 8 years as an Interfaith Chaplain at a large, Trauma 1 level hospital, first in Oncology then in Emergency Medicine, Jakk has extensive experience in, and understanding of, the complicated ways in which emotions and physical sensation impact healing.

These experiences have led her to this work of creating a safe space where, through the myriad vibrations of sound, one can immerse themselves in self-exploration and recuperation.​



Jakk Flanagan



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